Transcriptomics is the comprehensive study of RNA and its expression patterns using sequencing techniques to understand the impact of gene expression on an organism's biology. At TAXON, we offer transcriptomics services tailored to our clients' research goals and budgets. From project design to delivering high-quality results, we provide guidance throughout the entire process. With genome-wide analysis capabilities, including transcript abundance determination at the single nucleotide level, transcriptomics is a powerful tool for diverse research projects, from screening to discovery. TAXON specializes in the crucial bioinformatics analysis step, encompassing quality trimming, alignment or de novo assembly, post-mapping manipulation, quality control, and advanced data mining, such as gene expression quantification.

Transcriptomics, a powerful tool for understanding gene expression, is at the core of TAXON's services. Our comprehensive analysis includes the entire transcriptome, messenger RNA, small RNAs, and non- coding RNA. From project design to delivering high-quality results, we guide you through the process.

Our bioinformatics analysis, a critical step in transcriptomics, covers quality trimming, alignment/mapping to a reference genome or de novo assembly, post-mapping manipulation, quality control, and advanced data mining such as gene expression quantification. With our complete bioinformatics workflow, we support both prokaryotic and eukaryotic RNA-Seq projects, utilizing highly cited open-source computational tools for read quality control, reference alignment, and (differential) gene expression analysis.

Our transcriptomics services provide in-depth analysis of differential gene activity and expert transcriptomic data analysis. We offer:
1. Gene expression analysis: We perform quality control using Trim Galore, align reads to the reference genome using STAR RNA-Seq aligner, and estimate gene counts with featureCounts. We provide aligned BAM files, as well as raw and TPM-normalized counts per sample.
2. Differential gene expression analysis: For projects involving multiple biological conditions, we use the DESeq2 framework to identify quantitative changes in gene expression. The output includes average expression, fold-change, and statistical values for each gene.

Our deliverables encompass:

  • Quality files: Assessing sequence reliability and performing data quality control.
  • Alignment files: Mapped or aligned RNA sequences in SAM and/or BAM format.
  • Gene expression matrices: Tabular representation of gene expression levels for each sample in xlsx, tsv, and/or csv format.
  • Annotation tables: Additional information about detected genes, such as identification, function, and metabolic pathways, in xlsx, tsv, and/or csv format.
  • Figures and plots: Visual representations including differential expression plots, expression profiles, heatmaps, pathway enrichment plots, PCA plots, MA-plots, and Volcano plots.

Trust TAXON to provide you with the essential insights and deliverables for your transcriptomics project.


Dive into the depths of metatranscriptomics with TAXON's comprehensive analysis, revealing the hidden dynamics of microbial gene expression within complex communities.

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